23 de agosto de 2011

Penny Jordan - Lista de séries e livros.

Séries de livros de romance
Série Saga Crighton
Série Dinastia Paranti
Série Três Irmãs
Série Leopardi
Série Os Amantes do Jet Set
Série Noites de Magia

Relação de livros de romance
Daughter of Hassan
Escape form desire
Tiger man
Falcon´s Prey
Marriage Without Love
The Caged Tiger
An Unbroken Marriage
Long Cold Winter
Northen Sunset
Daughter of Hassan
Bought With His Name
The Flawed Marriage
Northen Sunset
Desires Captive
Island of the Dawn
A sudden Ingagement
The Flawed Marriage
Savage Atonement
Phaton Marriage
Forgotten passion
Passionate Protection
What you made me
The inward storm
Campaign for Loving
Love’s Choice
The friendship barrier
The friendship Barrie
Love’s Choice
Shadow Marriage
Darker Side of Desire
Desire for revange
The Six-Month Marriage
Time Fuse
Injured Innocent
Permission to love
The Only one
Return Match
Rules of the game
Fire with Fire
Levelling the score
An Expert Teacher
A reason for marriage
Too Short a Blessing
Fight for love
Passionate relationship
Special Treatment
Lovers Touch
Without Trust
Payment in love
Equal Opportunities
Free Spirit
A Rekindled Passion
Valentine's Nigth
Beyonde compare
A savage adoration
A reason of being
Breaking Away
Game of love
Time for trust
Unspoken Desire
A cure for love
Stranger from the Past
Rival Attractions
A matter of trust
Law of attraction
Passionate Possession
Dangerous Interloper
Yesterday's Echoes
Second-best husband
French leave
The Perfect Match?
Past Passion
Lesson to Learn
The Trusting Game
Tug of Love
Too Wise to Wed?
The Perfect Seduction
Perfect Marriage Material
Unwanted Wedding
The perfect seduction
The Perfect Match?
The Perfect Sinner
Perfect Marriage Material
The Perfect Seduction
A Perfect Family
Marriage Make Up
Fantasy for Two
To love, honor and betray
Love By Decepcion
The Mistress Assignment
The perfect lover
One Night in His Arms
The perfect sinner
Back in the Marriage Bed
Coming Home
The ultimate surrender
A Perfect Night
Best Man to wed?
Coming Home
The Perfect Father
Starting Over
A perfect night
Starting over
Mission: Make-Over
A perfect night
The Tycoon's Virgin
Marco's convenient wife
The Demetrios Virgin
The Marriage Resolution
The Marriage Demand
The Blackmail Baby
The Sheikh's Virgin Bride
One Night with the Sheikh
The Mistress Purchase
The Blackmail Marriage
Bedding his Virgin Mistress
Expecting The Playboy`s Heir
The Future King’s Pregnant Mistress
Prince of the Desert
Máster of Pleasure
The Italian Duke’s Wife
Blackmailing The Society Bride
Mistress to her Husband
Taken by the Sheikh
Mistress of Convenience
The Sheikh's Blackmailed Mistress
Possessed by the Sheikh
A Royal Bride At the Sheikh’s Command
Captive at the Sicilian Billionaire's Command
Virgin For The Billionaire's Taking
Marriage: To Claim His Twins
Giselle's Choice
The Reluctant Surrender
The Italian Duke's Virgin Mistress
The Wealthy Greek's Contract Wife
The Sicilian Boss’s Mistress
The Sicilian's Baby Bargain

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