13 de setembro de 2011

Anne Mather - Relação de livros.

Relação de livros de romance

Wedding of the Year
The smouldering flame
Valley Deep,Moutain High
Treacherous Longings
Dark Venetian
Master of Flacons Head
Charlotte's Hurricane
The arrogant duke
The Pleasure And The Pain
Storm in a Rain Barrel
All the Fire
The night of the bulls
Living Whith Adam
An Elusive Desire
Chase a green shadow
No Gentle Possession
A Savage Beaty
Autumn of the witch
Rachel Trvellyan
Leopard in the Snow
Legacy of The past
Silver Fruit Upon Silver Trees
Country of the falcon
Come The Vintage
Pale Dawn, Dark Sunset
Beware The Beast
Come running
Devil's Mountain
Alien Wife
Devil in velvet
The Sanchez Tradition
Seen by candleligth
Charade in winter
The medici lover
Moon Witch
Dangerous Rhapsody
Wuinter Rose of Winter
A trial marriage
For the love of Sarah
Fallen Angel
Born out of love
Jake Howard's Wife
The waterfalls of the moon
Dark Moonless night
Take what you want
Wild Enchantress
Fallen Angel
Dark Castle
Tangled Tapestry
The awakening of Alice
Scorpion's Dance
Rooted in Dishonour
Loren's baby
Proud Havest
The Judas trap
A passionate affair
Spirit of Atlantis
Innocent Obsession
Castles of Sand
Edge of Temptation
Duelling Fire
Forbbiden Flame
A hauting compulsion
Season of Mitts
Impetuos Masquerade
The japanese screen
Green Lighnting
Yesterday's Island
Wild Concerto
Act the possession
Stolen summer
Night Heat
Burning Inheritance
Trial off innocence
Diamond Fire
A Secret Rebellion
Tender assault
Brittle Bondage
Long Nights Loving
Pacific Heat
Morgan's Child
Her Guilty Secret
Innocent Sins
The Millionaire's Virgin
All Night Long
A Rich Man's Touch
The Rodrigues pregnancy
The Forbidden Mistress
Sleeping with a Stranger
Jack Riordan's Baby
The Virgin’s Seduction
Stay through the Night
The Pregnancy Affair
Bedded for the Italian's Pleasure
The Brazilian Millionaire's Love-Child

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  1. Livro: "Duas Mulheres, Dois Destinos"Achei que o romance faltou romance, Mike era muito frio e o casal demorou muito pra se entrosar, uma bendita vingança envolvida atrapalhou bastante pelo lado da mocinha... Não entendi muito bem a questão da insegurança de Mike em relação a esposa ser muito mais jovem... e a atitude que ele tomou quase ano final foi radical demais pro meu gosto, não precisava tudo aquilo. Enfim é um florzinha bem ao estilo da Anne Mather!